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Easy Profitable Business to Start

 Easy Profitable Business to Start

Travel agencies provide services related to travel, such as air tickets and railway

tickets. They are profitable and can be operated from home. These services are in

huge demand, particularly in metro cities. Hardware shops are another profitable

business to start, as they sell plumbing and electrical materials. Starting a hardware

store requires a good knowledge of the products and their uses, but good hardware

businesses can earn around 10% of daily sales.

Ice Dish & Soda Shop

Owning an Ice Dish & Soda Shop can be a lucrative and low-cost business to start. It

requires only a small amount of equipment and a small loan to get started and will

only require minimal personal financial resources. It may even be possible to start a

business without personal funds, although the drawback is the interest rates that

you will have to pay.

Car Parking Services

There are several advantages to running a Car Parking Service. For one, it is one of

the few industries that does not require extensive capital investment. However, it

does require adequate staff and security. Generally, you will need at least two

employees, a cashier and a custodian. You can also hire a security guard to keep an

eye on the parking lots and make sure that they are safe for customers. An added

bonus to having a security guard is that your customers will feel secure when

leaving their cars with you.

To increase your potential clientele, you should advertise your services. Place

signage near major intersections and special events. You can also post your services

on the website of a cruise line or a local sports arena. Another option is to offer

additional services to passengers, such as car valeting. You should also consider

providing fuel top-ups, too.

Herbal products-retail business

If you have the skills to grow herbs, starting a retail business of your own can be a

lucrative way to increase your income. Instead of paying fees to farmers' markets or

donating a percentage of your profits, you can choose to sell your herbs directly to

consumers. However, to achieve the success that you want, you will need to invest

in marketing. You can advertise your products through leafleting, posting on bulletin

boards, or even organizing fundraising events. This will make people more likely to

buy your herbs when they learn that they're helping a worthy cause.

One of the easiest ways to sell herbal products is to start a surprise box business,

selling three or five herbal goodies for a monthly fee, with a card explaining what

each item is. You can base your monthly theme on a seasonal holiday, or on

whatever you're inspired by at the moment. In addition to selling herbal products,

you can also offer information about medicinal herbs online and offline. You can also

try selling them wholesale.

Carpet-making business

Starting a carpet making business is a simple process and requires very little start-

up capital. You can even start a small production unit right at home, provided you

have enough space. The world's carpet and rug market are growing at a steady rate.

It offers huge opportunities in both residential and non-residential sectors and in

transport. It is expected to grow at a 2.6% CAGR between 2018 and 2021.

One of the major drivers of the carpet market is the construction industry. It is also

becoming increasingly popular due to the renovation and construction activities. In

addition, consumers are moving towards designer patterns and bold, attractive

colors. Creating an effective marketing strategy means determining the market

need, developing a product with a competitive price, and keeping your business in

front of your customers.

Ice cream shop

If you are looking for a profitable business idea, ice-cream shop might be the perfect

choice. The process of starting an ice cream shop is relatively simple, but there are

several things you should do to ensure your business will succeed. You should hire

employees who love ice cream and focus on marketing. Your marketing strategy can

either make or break your business.

Starting an ice-cream shop requires you to acquire the right permits and licenses.

The regulations will vary from state to state, so you'll have to do your research

before setting up your shop. In addition, you will need to register your business

name with the Secretary of State of your state.

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